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My approach is collaborative: you are the only one who knows what it is like to be you and to live your life. I will come alongside and work together with you to move your life in the direction you want to go, to help you solve problems and remove obstacles. We come to our care-taking roles with every part of ourselves, so your whole self is welcome, nothing is off-limits.

I tailor my approach to each individual and their specific needs, using research-supported modalities. Together we will find the path to wholeness and balance that is most effective for you.

In some cases, we focus specifically on problem-solving and decision-making. Sessions can also center on education and understanding how to relate to a loved one who has changed so much over the course of their illness. Family consultation is frequently a valuable tool, helping the entire system function in a more balanced and productive way.

For others, we focus on learning new coping strategies, finding patterns in relationships, changing unhealthy thinking, strengthening self-esteem, adding communication and assertiveness skills, or simply having your struggles heard and validated. In other cases, it will be about exploring the past and healing deep wounds. The path is as unique as the individual.

To see a little more about what it's like to work with me, read my latest online Q&A on dementia here.


Online 1:1 Support

  • Individual support, regularly scheduled, is provided for ongoing emotional/practical support. Frequency and number of sessions is tailored to what you need.

  • Single-session consultations are available for support with specific practical issues related to your loved one's dementia.

  • Family consultations are also available.

Group Support

  • For ongoing support with access to a supportive community of other caregivers, weekly group calls, monthly lessons on dementia topics, and focused spiritual support, join Soul Harbor.


In working with caregivers, the chronically ill, and those with anxiety and depression, I've found that they frequently struggle to make it to appointments on their worst days, when they most need the support. By making help more accessible, clients are able to make it to their sessions more often. Online sessions provide the flexibility of being able to meet from the comfort of their own home (even their own bed), with no extra time or stress spent in traveling. Fewer missed appointments means feeling better faster.

I also love that it gives people a way to see the coach that is the best fit for them, instead of the one that happens to be closest to them.

If all that weren’t enough, my own experience receiving support online was really what first made me a true believer. It seemed that the slight distance of not being in the same room made me more comfortable about opening up. Or maybe it was just that I could be on my own couch, snuggled under a blanket, with a cup of my favorite tea. And so I was inspired to offer this service to others.

If you’re ready to feel better, call or email today.

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