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Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy

Get moving in order to get moving.

Walk and Talk Therapy is just what it sounds like...your therapy session happens while walking through the forest, or on the beach, or along the intracoastal. Movement literally propels us forward. By moving your body, you can get moving in your life.

Many clients find it easier to talk when out for a walk, rather than seated across from their therapist. The simple act of walking as you talk out life's issues creates an environment of possibility and change.

What about bad weather?

I usually leave it up to the client to decide. As long as there isn't lightning, I'm okay in all kinds of weather. Getting caught in a rain squall can be unexpectedly healing.

What about confidentiality?

Of course since we are in public spaces, complete confidentiality isn't guaranteed. However I've found that it is easy to keep conversations private in the settings where sessions are conducted. Eagles, deer, and squirrels are our usual audience.

What if I'm not up for a walk that day?

If walking isn't an option, either because of weather or you'd simply rather not, sessions can always be held via video or phone from wherever you are. 

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